Our Journey

“The essence of photography is to allow the photographs to depict the uniqueness of its subjects. This is what Oragraphy endeavours to fulfil.”

                                                                                          -Yogi Trivedi

Despite being a brilliant student in college, Yogi Trivedi was unable to find interest in what he was doing and so he decided to choose a field where his creativity could be channelled in the best way possible. He opted for the course of Bsc. in Multimedia and Animation.

Having received praises for his random clicks, he decided to pursue a career as a photographer. He started working at a photography studio as a helper. That is how he acquired knowledge about photography.

His cousin’s wedding was his first Wedding shoot which turned out to be so remarkable that he was approached by others.

Subsequently the idea of starting a photography firm arose. In 2011, he stared a firm under the name, Yogi Trivedi Photography. His chief motivation was when his first click got nominated for National Geographic Contest.

He got an opportunity to work for two Bollywood Wedding shoots which elevated his career to a great extent. He got a number of wedding orders. He was greatly inspired by the uniqueness that the photographers worked with and it became his aim to inculcate a similar atmosphere in Gujarat.

A mishap occurred, which bridged his journey from Yogi Trivedi Photography to Oragraphy. With immense support from his parents, friends and clients, the beautiful journey of Oragraphy began.


About Oragraphy

Oragraphy is a Wedding Photography firm, now extending to other arenas like Fashion and Events Photography.  We have shot over 100 weddings, domestically and around 15 weddings, internationally.

Amiability and Distinctiveness is what Oragraphy is renowned for. We have always portrayed emotions, expressions, beauty and culture in the most alluring manner. We always believe in depicting the depth of your exquisite story and to do so, our motto is to become a part of that story as a family and not as photographers. Our aim has always been to capture you are when you are at the pinnacle of your lives.

With our foundation in the tranquil city of Vadodara, we travel across the world for shoots and irrespective of the location, we believe in creating the most convivial environment so that you are at ease and we are able to represent your most natural selves.

We, at Oragraphy, gather the best from your most splendid moments so that you can revisit them at your heart’s content. We will help you to keep the magic of your special day alive, forever.