The only thing that makes life possible is not knowing what comes next. Life throws surprises in the most unexpected ways. It’s how one perceives it and quests for a silver lining. As any other person in their prime youth, unsure of what the future beholds, Yogi’s journey to Oragraphy started the same way. He tried his ways in courses like BCA, home science and a Bachelors degree in animation and multimedia.Unable to channel his creative instincts, he realized that his heart lied somewhere else.

His cousin Kunjal Pathak from USA was a head-start to this rollercoaster ride. Yogi used his camera to click random pictures. This hobby, he realized had turned into a passion. The journey wasn’t all roses, there were abundant milestones to cover. His parents were not supportive of his decision at the start. It was only his potential that proved to his parents that Yogi was on the right path. The greatest motivation was back in 2009 when one of his photographs got selected for a National Geographic contest.

He also worked at a photography firm, performed random chores, and then got a chance to work as a photography assistant. Through mere observation, various tutorials he learnt about the detailed aspects of photography. It was then when he started getting independent orders for wedding shoots under the name ‘Yogi Trivedi Photography.’ It was a chance to shoot an entire wedding season & 2 Bollywood wedding shoots in Mumbai, that proved to be a turning point in his life where he discovered things like pre-wedding shoots, something that he believed was required to be introduced in Gujarat.

Everything was falling in place when life took the most unexpected turn. On the 30th of Nov’14 he met with a fatal accident. The fatality was such that lead to a 100% vision loss in his left eye, the same eye that helped him capture emotions, people and moments. It was only his quest for a silver lining that made him bounce back stronger.

3 weeks after the accident he went on to shoot a wedding at Rajhastan, and thats when Yogi Trivedi Photography, maintaining it’s roots, became ‘Oragraphy’. Since then the company has gone on to bag stunning achievements. His vision, ethics and desire is what that has brought fame, love and recognition to Oragraphy.


Oragraphy is a wedding house involved in photography and creating films. extending to other arenas including fashion and events. We have shot over 80 weddings, domestically and around 15 weddings, internationally.

Every couple is special to us as we believe each of you have a unique story to tell. We are listeners and passionate film makers with an intent to capture every essence of your big day to create timeless memories. We intend to we travel across the world and irrespective of your location we believe in creating the most convivial environment so that you are at your natural best.

We, at Oragraphy, gather the best from your most splendid moments so that you can revisit them at your heart’s content. We aspire to keep the magic of your special day, alive forever.