Shutterbug is a creatively crafted photography workshop which stands out and distinguishes itself by not just providing a pedestal to learn but enabling the young learners to showcase their skills of photography and cinematography. 

Shutterbug is a comprehensive workshop focusing on the elements and aspects of modern day photography. With the involvement of eminent personalities in the field of cameras, this 2 day workshop captures the talent and trains them on the professional frontiers.

This year, the main intent of shutterbug is to provide a real time experience and exposure to the world of photography as a full time career. An entire production will be levelled, where the TEAM ORAGRAPHY will coach young talents on handling the camera at different angles in relation to the lighting effects and other fruitful details.


This workshop will be conducted by a renowned and respected face in the field of photography, Mr. Yogi Trivedi. His experience and expertise will help each and every one of you in making your dream of being a photographer a reality  .

Shattering the frontiers of ancient old techniques, SHUTTERBUG aims at imparting the understanding on vivid aspects of modern professionalized system of clicking and creating stars from scrap. This workshop will amaze the art appreciators as the participants will be provided with a production which will be including theme based photography. This workshop of clicking the best shots will encourage the young learners on the base of being competitive yet sporty. Not only will they be packing their suitcases with knowledge and learning but also an experience of an eternity.

DAY 1:

16th March 2019

Time: 12:00pm to 7 pm

DAY 2:

17th March 2019

Time: 8:30am to 1pm

Registration fees: ₹1,500

Venue: Donor’s Plaza , MSU BBA Building, Fatehgunj , Vadodara.

It’s the entire experience that makes any event worthwhile. At Shutterbug, we will acquaint you with various aspects of photography and introduce you to an array of topics related to the art of lenses. Following are some of the topics which will be covered in shutterbug:

Pre-Production :

  • Time management
  • Know your client (KYC)
  • Client expectation : what to shoot
  • Drill the brain cells – research

Production :

  • Understanding the lighting condition

  • Learn to say no : Client requirement

  • Traditional vs. Candid

  • Capture the details

  • Client comfort zone

and many more…


Post-Production :

  • Equipment & software- The wise choice

  • Time & deadline management

  • Importance of each deliverables 

  • Meet clients expectations

  • Quality vs Quantity

  • Client taste & Shooters – Striking a balance


  • Trends : as a job / as a art

  • How social media turns into golden opportunity

  • Talent & soft skills : balance of two

  • Vision vs resource the wise choice

  • Wedding photography backup or passion

Essence of photography:

There is lot more to photography than simply picking up a camera, pointing it toward something, and tripping the shutter. Creativity is a topic that is almost wholly ignored in formal education because most instructors think that it cannot be taught or learned.

For any queries, contact:
+91 8103340356 / +91 9924155001

Terms and Conditions:

  • The registration fee is inclusive of the two day workshop and refreshments provided during the same.
  • Payments will be accepted only through Shutterbug’s official Paytm number: +91 9879879694
  • Photography and cinematography are strictly prohibited during the workshop.
  • The accommodation for the outstation participants will not be provided from our part .
  • No refunds shall be provided under any circumstances.
  • Any kind of misconduct or misbehaviour will not be tolerated.