Sometimes in life, you meet someone and connect with them instantly. Some people are meant to cross your path for a reason and when your heart discovers the reason, there is no greater joy known to your heart. Same was the case with these two who are head over heels in love with each other.

Zorawar and Jasmine first met at the airport. From the moment when Zorawar landed, the flight of their love took off.

Zorawar found Jasmine to be very kind-hearted and caring. To top it all, Jasmine’s fondness for cars helped him seal the deal.

Jasmine found him perfect in every way possible. He was someone who would love and respect her family and nothing mattered more than that to her.

As it was a big-fat Punjabi wedding, one was sure to find a lot of dancing, cocktails and a hell lot of emotions. All the moments were so real, be it laughter or tears.

The two were very family bounded. The bonds that they shared with their respective families and in-laws were so genuine and candid that we never required to ask them to pose.

Zorawar and Jasmine made a stunning couple together. We wish, with every passing day their chemistry grows deeper than ever.