A mobile phone can capture Pre Wedding

This tale is about two love birds Avinash & Anjali.

Talking about their backgrounds , Avinash deals with the making of ethnic wears which made us into thinking that our destination should be something resembling them and it should be a Heritage destination.

After brainstorming over various destinations, we chose Fatehgarh, Udaipur. It is said to be one of the most common destinations which made it very challenging for us each time to out stand our previous performances and us having visited it over 10 times came up with an idea to make this visit unique.

We thought to make the entire shoot based on pictures taken from mobile phones and so we did. All the pictures were taken and edited from iPhone 7 plus and Samsung galaxy Note 5. This idea was only to make people believe that it is not the expensive cameras but the Vision behind capturing a story.

We focus on empowering those hidden talents who think they are not capable of clicking simply without expensive gear.

Here are some tips to get the best pictures from a Mobile Phone :

* Use manual mode
* Never use filters
* Use the compositions rules
* Never edit too much
* If you are using iPhone 7 plus ( use portrait mode for better depth of field )
* Do not click pictures with a flash light
* Play with the exposure.

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