While we spoke to Samidha & Akshay, this is what they had to say,
‘We were 15 when we first met. It was our coaching class. And Akshay noticed me first. It was a few days later that he came up to me and introduced himself. I didn’t make much of it but I found him very attractive. He would come up with all kinds of excuses to meet before class and even though I knew it, I couldn’t help but say a yes. We both knew there was something between us but didn’t really say much. However, we then had our long summer break and we were to move on to our college life. We didn’t exchange numbers so there was no contact. However, as destiny had planned, we both ended up in the same college. We saw each other on the first day and there was no stopping us from there. We had got our sign from the universe. However, we didn’t start dating instantly.It was only after a year of incessant flirting that we said let’s move to the next level. When we got married in February, we had already been together for 13 years. In these 13 years we have had almost 4 years of long distance but this relationship never felt like an effort for even a minute of these 13 years. Infact, we are each other’s safe place.’

Read this beautiful journey through their pictures!

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