There is something about new places which keeps us on our toes and brings the best in us. This season we went to one of the newest places for Darshan and Kinjal’s pre-wedding shoot which was Orchha Palace at Jhansi in Madhya Pradesh. Darshan and Kinjal had been introduced to each other a couple of months ago, but the love and friendship that flew between the two would disguise them as a decade old couple. 

Orchha fort, Orchha palace and Amar Mahal were some of the few places we visited where former one was a completely ancient set up where as the latter one had a modern touch to it. With all their oufits being on point which they specially got curated for their shoots, everything fell in place. The outfits they chose were an absolute highlight of the shoot. The nature played a key role in getting us some jaw dropping shots.