Dubai has been a second home to Ora but we never fail to surprise ourselves while discovering something different every single time. Himanshu and Shruti were one such couple with whom our shoot had been effortlessly enchanting. The couple was very detail oriented and their enthusiasm for their pre-wedding shoot was evident from the efforts they had put in. 

They had been together since more than half a decade and their chemistry said it all. Just like us, Himanshu and Shruti we too fond of candids. It was an absolute delight to capture the moments as the conversations between them flew very naturally.

Be it a rising sun against the beach or a romantic desert camping set up under a starlit sky, we made sure to come up with the perfect shots and some brilliant silhouettes.

Himanshu and Shruti had been so co-operative, courteous and hospitable that it didn’t feel like we were shooting for clients but friends.