Love is a great deal of tears and smiles but when they come together, you know that in that very moment, everything has fallen in place and love has finally arrived. Noopur and Arastu’s was one such soul-stirring wedding where both of them coming from two extreme backgrounds, with girl coming from a Hindu family and the guy from a Muslim one had fought their battle of love for eight long years to finally make this happen. It was a destination wedding held at The Royal Retreat, Udaipur. The closest of the friends and family members gathered to celebrate the two. The wedding was a close-knit and a personalised affair with cluster of functions taking place.

The ceremonies were fun and heart-warming at the same time with people sharing boisterous laughter and happy tears. The wedding was a deal of details where all the decoration throughout the ceremonies remained minimal yet extremely personalized. From Pool party to haldi and from exchanging vows to finally tying a knot and becoming one, every ceremony came with it’s own distinct gush of emotions and their fun-factors. Every guest who was part of the wedding was extremely aware of all the phases that the couple had gone through. The biggest bliss was to capture the emotion of acceptance by both the families who had agreed to accept each other irrespective of societal norms, declaring love to be the clear winner. We at Ora, felt extremely blessed to have been a part of one such heart-rending wedding of Noopur & Arastu.