‘Opposites Attract’ is a term well defined by our couple, Manali and Sagar. They were introduced to each other by their families as it was an arranged marriage set up. They started talking on calls and messages but hadn’t really met each other for around six months. When Sagar flew from States to Singapore to see Manali, it was then when they really met. Now they have been together for two years and are planning a forever ahead.

Sagar and Manali believe in cherishing the little things in life. The way Sagar treats and respects women, made Manali fall for him. They wanted their pre-wedding shoot’s destination to be Singapore as that was where they had met each other for the first time. In addition to that our bride-to-be, Manali had lived there for over a decade and since now she had to leave it forever, she wanted to make the most precious memory of a lifetime at Singapore. Since Manali was very familiar to the place, the shoot was an absolute bang. We wish the couple a lifetime of love and happiness.