Shutterbug is a creatively crafted photography workshop which stands out and distinguishes itself by not just providing a pedestal to learn but enabling the young learners to showcase their skills of photography and cinematography. 

A diligently dedicated team, a dozen sleepless nights and rigorous brainstorm sessions later we put together the most awaited photography workshop – Shutterbug 2019. It was a two-day workshop carried out on 16th and 17th of March 2019. All the hard work summing up to one huge successful event and an overwhelming response from everyone made it all worth it at the end.

Our director Mr. Yogi Trivedi, being a passionate wedding photographer that he is, wanted to leave no stone unturned. The flow of the workshop was so well curated that it turned out to be ‘One of a kind’. Unlike the usual photography workshops, this one had 80% sharing of practical knowledge whereas as much as 20% of the theoretical part.

On the first day of the workshop, all the participants gathered at MSU BBA for the introduction and theory session. Post lunch everyone was headed to Turf where we had arranged for a white wedding so that people could actually understand the nuances of shooting a real wedding. Their on-ground experience was enriched by Mr. Yogi Trivedi and team demonstrating the use of each equipment in detail and actually turning all their theoretical learnings to reality. We wanted to make sure that everyone gets more than what they had expected which is why we set up a full-fledged white wedding with bride and bridesmaids and groom and groomsmen. It was quite elaborate followed by their entries and a few ceremonies.

On the next day we had an early morning session at Turf with around half a dozen of set ups for solo shoot, getting ready shoot, couple shoot, groomsmen and bridesmaids shoot, etc. All the participants were really enthusiastic and attentive. The session went really well. Then we headed to BBA for the rest of the sessions. The participants were interactive and passionate about their art and we made sure to provide them with the quality content. We had already got a great feedback but just when we were about to conclude our workshop at the end of the day two, the participants cheered for Mr. Yogi Trivedi and gave him a standing ovation. At that very moment, we knew it was all worth.

We received great words of appreciation and compliments just flooded in as we ended the workshop. It took a whole lot of people to come together and build an event so strong. We would like to thank everyone associated with our workshop Shutterbug.

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