Frequently Asked Questions

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What is Oragraphy?

The word Oragraphy has been derived from the combination of the words “ORA” and “Graphy”. The word ORA which means ‘moment’ takes its origin from the Italian language Oragraphy aims at capturing precious moments and memories into reel from real life.

Why to choose Oragraphy?

Oragraphy is really about YOU! You’ve waited your whole life for this day, so why not capture it for a lifetime. We have an easy going and fun-loving group of photographers & cinematographers with the flare for seeing the fun and excitement in your event. Accepting a limited number of oragraphy events each year, we bring that special attention to your day, and provide beautifully crafted photography & cinematography.

Do you work for both sides ie, bride and groom?

Well, yes we work for both sides with the help of our efficient team of Oragraphers.

What is the duration of wedding teasers/films?

We provide the wedding teasers of maximum 5 to 7 minutes and we provide the wedding film whose duration ranges from 40-90 minutes.

What is the payment process?

Well our payment process is not like that you have to pay full amount before your event.

30 % on the day of booking your event.

50 % on the first day of your event

20% after the delivery of the output for your event.

How soon will we get the output?

We provide the teaser after 1 month of your event day and the movie after the 2-3 months depending on the schedule of the Oragraphy Team. The wedding albums will be delivered after a month depending on the duration of selecting the photographs. We do provide the soft copies in the hard-drive within 10 days.

Do you travel for assignments and shoots?

Yes, we do travel all over the world but the travel and accommodation has to be provided for by the client.

Do you take multiple assignments at a time?

We believe that together we can achieve more. Yes, we do take multiple assignments at a time.

We appoint separate directors for separate assignments who manage the successful implementation of that particular project.