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Best Works

Monika weds Shubham

Ketan & Priyanshi

Harshal weds Deepti

Sakshi weds Pradip

Harsh & Bhakti

Rani weds Hitesh

Hemil & Niyati

“You bring out the best in me. I don’t mean better manners, or a sense of maturity, or whatever else this tired world expects of me. I mean you make me want to climb roofs, run wild and act inappropriately, take risks and pursue my dream with passion and integrity....

Jigar & Manasi

“There’s something unusual about us. Something deeply spiritual. The way we fall into one another so naturally like our love was created of the earth. There are star systems bursting at your fingertips when we touch. We are in tune. Our hearts croon the same old song....

Prince & Varsha

“Love isn’t having butterflies all the time. Love is calm. Love is comfortable. Love that asks nothing else from you than for you to be who you are. “

Naman weds Surbhi

And maybe love looks a lot like this; walking into someone’s world with your world by your side and they don’t crash, they don’t collapse, they don’t fall apart. They blend in together.

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