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Immersive, heartfelt, and professional – our photography service exceeded expectations. The team's skill and passion truly shine through every shot. From candid moments to curated portraits, they transformed our special day into timeless memories. Exceptional work, highly recommended!

We are so so happy! Our pre wedding was phenomenal and as we went through the wedding pictures we couldn't take out eyes off it. We couldn't have got someone better than them.

Krishma & Karan

I remember waiting for the trailer to get downloaded, and Noopur was in Ahmedabad. After Noopur saw the video, she sent voice notes on the WhatsApp group which had us and the Oragraphy team. The voice notes were of her screaming and exclaiming how much she was bowled over with the video. I have watched the trailer at least 20-25 times,The spirit showed in our trailer was captured perfectly with the choice of music, the timing of the shots. The way they matched the interview with the events that day was phenomenal.'

Noopur & Arastu

I landed on a page on Huffington post which was titled 'The top 10 awarded photographers of India' & Yogi Trivedi's name was in there. When I spoke to the vendors, I could tell who was running a business and who was actually passionate about it. From the very first call, I knew it was purely passion. The team made us feel so comfortable, we never felt there were any cameras on us. We couldn't have asked for a better team of wedding photographers

Zorawar & Jasmine

We have been following Oragraphy on Instagram and our best friend had them for their wedding. Right from the first meet to the wedding, we knew we had made the right choice. We are extremely happy with the professionalism & dedication the team had. Especially our families, they absolutely were in awe with the whole team.

Roma & Maharshi

We are so glad to have made Oragraphy our choice, They were so warm & courteous during the entire wedding. Not only they were amazing at their work, they also were extremely

Akshay & Samidha

'Thanks a ton for being the best team! You guys are literally the best people i have ever worked with. Thank you for being patient. Each and every team member has been incredibly supportive. Thank you so much for going above and beyond your work. All my love

Hiral & Nipun

We had our pre wedding at Jaipur. From that very day we knew we had made the right choice. Yogi to us was our Ninja photographer. Id always ask him a particular shot was clicked and he'd just put a thumps up and we knew that the photograph was clicked. Our families too got so attached to the team. We also saw so many pictures on shoot which were so great. we can't wait to see what our deliverables look like!'

Aanchal & Rahul

Thanks alot for the wishes. I extend our heartfelt gratitude for capturing us. These photos will help us reminisces our big day in future.

Siddharth & Foram

I remember I saw their pre wedding video on Instagram and i was so impressed, I thought that Ora only would capture my wedding. After our experience, we were so thankful that we had them on board. The best part is that they'd guide you, they keep your nervousness away. They make sure you give your time, and give personal attention to each detail. I'm extremely happy I booked them for the best day of our life.

Saksham & Anshika

Thank you so much to your team for doing such a wonderful job at capturing our celebrations! You guys were professional, supportive and stayed calm throughout the craziness!

Ankeeta & Ganesh

I can't stop looking at the instagram cut. Have watched it over 5oo times for sure. The best part is where you captured my parents crying and then me smiling. Beautiful!

Yash & Kashish

We thoroughly enjoyed your company. It was great working with the team. Yogibhai and team were phenomenal and very supportive. We hope the outcome will be superlative and exhilarating. All in all, it was great time with you guys.

Viraj & Zeel

Oragraphy’s Excellence in Every Frame: Unforgettable Wedding & Pre-Wedding Captures